3-minute improvisations on guitar

A series of videos that show me improvising over a backing track. Continuous takes, no editing.

Youtube playlist:

Bogdo Ula

Bogdo Ula is a trio, that uses free improvisation as a tool to convey emotion. Bogdo Ula has released ten albums during years 2008-2020.

Bogdo Ula musicians are: Samuli Kristian (guitar), Ivan Horder (drums), Jean Ruin (bass).


“Best of Bogdo Ula” playlist: Best of Bogdo Ula – YouTube

Film music

I’ve made film music for Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara’s experimental short films.

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E. poems from the planet:

Those Drawn Alive:

Tuohinen – a long range patrolman:

Sound art

I’ve made many sound art works, that include my voice-over and music.

“Vasten aurinkoa” -series is based on (Bogdo Ula drummer) Ivan Horder’s poems and a few of my own texts.