About images and music

I’m a cinematographer and a guitarist based in Helsinki, Finland.

Images and music are independent. Images don’t need music, music doesn’t need images.

Anyway, images and music may live together.
How to make them to live together? How to make a work of art, that handles images and music equally?

In order to achieve that situation, these art forms must give something to each other. However, that’s an optimistic view. Another option is that there will be a fight.

The power of both of these art forms has been fascinating for me. I want to make images, I want to make music. Not necessarily in that order.

For a long time I thought, that I must choose one and make a decision, that one is more important than the other. To concentrate only on one thing. That kind of dedication and attitude make many things a lot easier for you in society, in life.

However, I’ve realized, that one must be truthful for oneself.
I’ve realized, that choosing only images or only music is impossible for me.
After concentrating a while only on images, I desperately want to grab the guitar and make music – and vice versa.

Today I’m interested in combining these two strong art forms. I’ve started making experimental short films – independently, collaborating with a few close colleagues and friends.
Using a short film form, I try to combine images and music in a certain way to maintain their independence and power,
and at the same time, to achieve the equality of these art forms.

Maybe they will live happy together or maybe they will fight against each other for the space they need. At least there will be dialogue between them.

I call this project a “Union”. It’s a combination of different aspects and forms of art.
The first short film in this category is released in June 2021. “Mennyt” (“Bygone”) is a short film about stillness and movement, things that pass.

I continue working on my new mission. I’m looking forward to show the results.

Sam Kris, June 2021