Union is a project, that will include several short films. In these films I try to combine images and music in a way, that creates the feeling of balance or dialogue between these elements. One will not be serving the other. Rather, they will speak to each other.

The artistic elements may also include words (voice-over). Then the balance should be achieved with three equally important element (images, music, words), which makes the situation a little more exciting.

I hope that out of this communication grows something interesting.


The first short film of the Union project is called “Mennyt” (“Bygone”), released in June 2021.
“Mennyt” (“Bygone”) is a short film about things that pass. It’s a conversation between stillness and movement.

The three elements (images, music, words) are present in this film. The goal was to create the overall tone of the film by interaction of the elements.

Cinematography, editing, voice-over & music: Sam Kris
Text & music: Iiro Reijonen