Samuli Kristian Saastamoinen (b. 1970) is composer, guitarist and cinematographer living and working in Helsinki, Finland.

Music and film have always been my main interests. My first instrument was piano before I switched to guitar. As a teenager I started to develop guitar playing skills by learning to play Elvis Presley songs. Soon after that, I discovered Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and, of course, Jimi Hendrix. Zappa’s angular playing style really had a deep impact on me.

My ambition in music is realizing in two ways. Free improvisation is the main concept of my band Bogdo Ula. I enjoy the improvisational freedom, the moment of communication with my band members. On the other hand, to work in a home studio, composing and playing guitar parts for my compositions, is very rewarding.

Visual arts are the other field of my interests. As Tarkovsky has pointed out, there is a strong connection between music and film. They are both temporal art forms and they both influence directly our senses. As a teenager I was fascinated by cinema, and I wanted to learn, how to make films. I was accepted to film school and I graduated 2002 specializing in cinematography.

I have had a great opportunity to work as a cinematographer with visual artist Salla Tykkä Рa collaboration which has resulted in many internationally acclaimed short films.

Nowadays, I try to combine music and film. Making music for films is one way to make that happen. Recently, I have made music for Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara’s experimental, poetic short films. These films have been screened in dozens of film festivals around the world.

I have also made works of sound art, which contain my voice-over and music. My latest works include “Pahan kukat”, which is a series of sound art pieces based on Baudelaire’s poems.